Successful medical camp at Solukhumbu Nepal

We had a successful medical camp at Thaksindu 6, Hewa Village, Solukhumbu Nepal. Hewa is south of Lukla and north of Phaplu, and We hiked two days to get there. Hewa and its surrounding villages have population of about 650 people, and the nearest hospital is two days hiking to Phaplu. Hewa, Akang, Deku, Yapil and Chulemu are some of the most remote Sherpa villages isolated from the main route to the mt. Everest. We treated 237 patients in three days, and half of dozen of them have stroke level blood pressure. After three days of intensive medication, their blood pressure level came down some what according to Dr. Dennis Martin and Dr. Tilachan Parazuli. The Doctors said, "They are going to live now". This is an eye opening and wake up call for Hike For Help team. We found many with high blood pressure, anemic, raising sugar level, gastritis, and arthritis. Children and pregnant women were given pre natal Vitamins and multivitamins. It is most urgent that we help them establishing a health post in Hewa, and Hike For Help hopes to fulfill this dream. Human life is too precious to die at young age from a simple diseases. Please stay tune for upcoming HFH campaign to establish a clinic at Hewa Village.Thank you all doctors, nurses and the entire team for your hard work.

Medical camp in solukhumbu Nepal

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clinic design of Hewa Villageclinic design of Hewa Village

clinic design of Hewa Village

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